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NOTE: We tend to keep our server free-to-play & evenly fair for in this server. Our packages mostly contain cosmetics that are available forever unless stated so to the purchaser. 

⋆ If you are (a) parent(s), please read this:
We understand the internet can be dangerous & is widely risky to purchase anything for your child, so let us explain what they're purchasing.
In our server/online world, we provide a great experience for our players, this includes your child of course. By purchasing any package from our store, they will get a specific item (depending on what was chosen), inside the game, which can be used to customize your child's profile/avatar's cosmetics & looks! 

This server/online world runs on player support, meaning your child gets a great look in-game to show off for their friends, or a little benefit for the competitive scene.
For us, this purchase is directly put into the server's performance, so not only will it help us run our world better for your child and others, but it will also help keep it up.

That is why, compared to other large minecraft/online world networks, we tend to look at our prices affordable for everyone. You are making your child, & this server's management happy. Thank you for considering the read.